Friday, October 12, 2012

End Of Winter…

For the first time in this year today I had to switch on my fan marking the end of the short but sweet Bangladeshi winter. Even though it took my good health away from me several times within last 3 months I am kinda in love with it.
The feeling of warmth inside a nice blanket can be enjoyed only when it’s freezing outside. It’s fascinating. Isn’t it? Never thought of that?
 It’s same as the feeling of a faint hope that shines in the distant horizon at times when there is nothing left and we are about to give up. That tiny bit of hope becomes the driving force that takes us through the hard times. It can be something we never thought of as important. Something we always see and pass by but never stop to inquire. 
When the time is right that same little thing, the thing we always ignored can become a life saver.
Just like how the blanket we ignored all the summer suddenly become so precious once the freezing winter steps in.

මේ එක දවසක් මගේ පොරවනය යටට වෙලා සීතලේ ගුලි වෙලා ඉන්නකොට හිතට ආව සිතිවිල්ලක්. ඒක මම සිංහලට පරිවර්තනය කරන්න හැදුවත් මගේ හිතට දැනෙන විදියට කරන්න බැරි උනා. ඒ හින්ද මම අන්තිමට ඉංග්‍රීසියෙන්ම දාන්න හිතුව. කැමති ඕනෑම කෙනෙක් මේක සිංහලට පර්වර්තනය කරන්න, කරල මටත් කියන්න 

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